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2006-07 के दौरान प्राप्त जांच रिपोर्ट

S.No Case File No. Complainant City/State Police Inves-tigation Relief & Rehab. Measures Status Of Prosecution
1 MP/ST-37/2006/Atrocity/ RU-III Sh. Sudisht Kumar

Sidhi ,MP

Report - Pending in Court
2 MP/ST-30/2006/Atrocity/ RU-II Sh. P.S. Uikey

Hoshanga-bad ,MP

Report - Not Applicable
3 MP/ST-25/2006/ atrocity/RU-III Sh Syamlal

Sidhi ,MP

Report - -
4 Orissa/ST-4/2006/Atrocity/ RU-III Sh. Gopinath Majhi, Governer,NCCSD

Jharsuguda ,Orissa

Report - Pending in Court
5 U.P/ST-19/2006 -Atrocity Sh. Sitaram

Sonbhadra ,UP

Report - Not Prosecuted
6 Gujarat/ST-10/06/Atrocity Smt. J.Parvati Ben Maganbhai

Surat ,Gujarat

Report Report (20.05 किलोबाइट) Not Finalized
7 Orissa/ST-3/2006/Atrocity/ RU-III Sh. Pravin Patel

Sundargarh ,Orissa

Report - Pending in Court
8 MP/ST-35/2006/ Atrocity/RU-III Smt. Sushila Bai

Dhar ,MP

Report - Pending in Court
9 CG/ST-7/2006/ Atrocity/RU-III Sh. Pravin Patel

Bilaspur ,Chhattisgarh

Report - Pending in Court
10 MP/ST-42/2006/ Atrocity/RU-III Sh. Ramkaran Kol

Sidhi ,MP

Report - Not Prosecuted
11 CG/ST-4/2006/ Atrocity/RU-III Sh. Hemraj Maskole

Raipur ,Chhattisgarh

Report - Not Prosecuted
12 MP-01/Atrocity/ 2007/RU-III Smt. Parvati Bai

Balaghat ,MP

Report - Not Prosecuted
13 MP/ST-38/2006/ Atrocity/RU-III Manjhi Samaj, MP

Katni ,MP

Report - Not prosecuted
14 MP/ST-28/ Atrocity/RU-III Sh. Himmat Uike & Others

Chhindwada ,(MP)

Report - Pending in Court
15 RU-IV/Atrocity/ AP-1/2007 Sh. Vattam Narayanadora

Thudumdebba ,AP

Report - Not prosecuted
16 Lakshadeep/ST-1/ 2006/Atrocity-RU-IV Shri. M.P Liyakathali

Kavarati Island ,Lakshadweep

- - Not Finalized
17 RU-4/AP/ Atrocity-3/D/2006 Sh. D. Bhoopal

Mahabub- Nagar

Report Report (91.84 किलोबाइट) Not Finalized
18 AP/ST-6/2006-Atrocity-RU-IV Sh. G. Raja Rao


Report - Not prosecuted
19 AP/ST/7/2006-Atrocity/RU-IV Shri Y. Chenchu Ramaya

Nellore ,AP

Report - Not prosecuted
20 AP/ST-9/2006-Atrocity/RU-IV Sh. D. Nagabhu Shanam

Nellore ,AP

Report - Chargesheet filed (not in PoA Act)
21 CG-01/Atrocity/ 2006/RU-III Ms. Mabel Rebello

New Delhi

Report - Nor prosecuted
22 CG-01/Atrocity/ 07/RU-III Sh. Ghasiram

Distt Sarguja ,CG

Report - Not prosecuted
23 CG/ST-5/2006/ Atrocity/RU-III Sh. Ajit Jogi (MP)

New Delhi

Report - Pending in Court
24 Raj/23/2006-Atrocity-RU-I Sh. Bhawanru Bheel

Jodhpur ,Raj.

Report - Not prosecuted
25 Gujarat/ST-10/06/ Atrocity/RU-I Smt. J.Parvati Ben Maganbhai

Surat ,(Gujarat)

Report Report (185.25 किलोबाइट) Not Prosecuted

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